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Photo Favors Preferred Events is your definitive source for photo favors!

Our photo entertainment takes your party to a whole new level! Experience our professional and friendly service to provide the fastest photo-favors in the industry!
Party photo favors are a perfect match for all types of celebrations and the resulting pictures can be amazing, sometimes even priceless. Guests pose with family and friends in front of a professional backdrop to match their personality or theme of your event. Moments later the pictures are printed so that they can be viewed right away or shared with others.

Photo Favors Photo Favors Photo Favors

There are plenty of packages to choose from, each with their own set of unique frames and novelty items. Guests can choose from tons of different cardboard frames, photo clips, key chains, magnetic photo frames, decorative frames, glass frames, as well as many other unique fun frames. Every Package Includes a Free Photo CD of all photos taken during the event. Large selection to choose to from:

  • Fun Frames
  • Photo Key-chains
  • Flex Frames
  • Retro Frames
  • Fun Photo ID Cards
  • Lucite Frames
  • Hollywood Take 1
  • Photo Clips
  • Magnetic Frames
  • Furry Frames
  • Photo Viewers
  • Elegant Frames
  • Animal Print Frames
  • Denim Frames
  • Snow Globes
  • Photo Alarm Clock
  • Leather Frames
  • Bobble-head Dolls

Photo Favors Photo Favors

Our photo favor stations are services that your guests will be talking about all the way home from your special event. It's our way of letting you say "Thank You!" to your guests in a very personal way by providing them with a gift that will be cherished forever - an instant photographic memory of them sharing the joy and excitement of your special day.

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